Paint Codes for Honda

For Honda, you should not have trouble locating your paint code as they are in the same place for all models on the driver side door jam. Acura codes generally contain a mix of letters, dashes & numbers.  

Most Honda colors have both a paint color code and a factory code. A color code would be NH623M, and NH623M-A (with Factory Code "A" is not a same).

If you do not see your factory code on the door jamb label, you need to look at your VIN (vehicle identification number), located on the drivers side dashboard. You can view it through the front window in the lower, right corner, driver's side. Once you've found the VIN,  identify the 11th digit. That letter or number will be the very last digit of your paint color code.

For a complete list of our Honda colors, please follow this link:  Honda Touch Up Colors

If you have questions about Honda colors, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.