Paint Codes for Pontiac

The paint codes for all Pontiac vehicles are located on the service parts identification sticker which varies depending on your year and model. We have provided a list of these locations below. Newer vehicles have a silver label - older vehicles have a white "paper" label as in our example below. Most GM paint codes begin with a "WA" on our site, while most cars and trucks show a "BC/CC    U". BC/CC stands for basecoat/clearcoat, and the U stands for upper or body color. 

A two toned GM vehicle will show both the upper (U) and lower (L) body color listed. 


In this example, "U" designates the only color on this vehicle (Upper/Body).  391E is what you're looking for.  Add a WA to the beginning of it and you're done.  "WA391E" is the code. 

For a complete list of our Pontiac colors, please follow this link:  Pontiac Touch-Up Paint Colors

Please note: GM uses the same color across many models, yet they may be named differently! Don't be confused by this - as long as your color code is correct it is the right paint.

Pontiac specific locations:

6000:  Spare Tire Cover
Aztek: Left rear access door
Bonneville:  Glove Box, under trunk lid,  spare tire cover
Firebird: Driver’s door Jam or door edge, Rear of Middle Console
G3:  Glove Box
G5:  Trunk Floor  ( Under Carpet )
G6:  Glove Box
G8:  Spare Tire Cover or  wheel Well
Grand Am:  Spare Tire Cover,  Glove Box,  under trunk lid
Grand Prix:  Inside Trunk Deck Lid,  Spare Tire Cover
GTO:  Spare Tire Cover or  Wheel Well, 
Lemans:  Spare Tire Cover
Montana:  Glove Box,  Left rear storage Compartment Inside Door,  inside jack cover
Montana SV6:  Glove Box,  Left rear storage Compartment Inside Door,  inside jack cover
Pursuit:  Trunk Floor  ( Under Carpet )
Solstice:  Glove Box
Sunbird:  Spare Tire Cover
Sunfire:  Glove Box or Spare Tire Cover
Torrent:  Glove Box
Trans Sport: Left rear storage Compartment Inside Door,  inside jack cover
Vibe:  Glove Box
Wave:  Glove Box