Paint Codes for Dodge

Dodge Paint Codes can be located in many places. Most Dodge's will have the paint code on the driver's door jamb. Most paint codes will be three digits long and start with a "P".  

In this example, your code is PS2.

For a complete list of our Dodge colors, please follow this link:  Dodge Touch-Up Paint Colors

Please note: Dodge uses the same color across many models, yet they may be named differently! Don't be confused by this - as long as your color code is correct it is the right paint.

Specific Dodge Locations:

Most common location:  Inside Driver side Door Jamb
Avenger:  Firewall (Passenger Side)
Caliber:  Driver side Door Jamb
Caravan:  In Front of Radiator or #6 Floor Pan under Passenger seat
Challenger: Diver Side Door Jamb
Charger:  Firewall  (Passenger Side)
Dakota: On Floor Behind Passenger Seat, Cab Back panel; front passenger floor pan
Daytona:  under the hood on a vin plate by the hood latch
Durango:  Front Passenger Wheel well, #1 Inside driver side door jamb; #6 front passenger floor pan
Dynasty: Location Unknown
Full Pickup: On Floor  Behind Passenger Seat
Intrepid: In Front of  Radiator (Passenger Side), Inner Fender well,  In Front of  Radiator or  firewall passenger side
Magnum:  Firewall (Passenger Side)
Monaco: Location Unknown
Neon: Strut Towers, Inside Driver side door jamb, or  passenger side firewall.
Nitro: Driver Side Door Jamb
Ram Minivan:  In Front of Radiator (Passenger Side)
Ram Truck: In Front of Radiator (Passenger Side), Behind Battery,  Floor Pan under Passenger seat
Stealth: Firewall (Passenger Side) or driver side firewall
Stratus: Firewall ( Driver Side, passenger, or center) 
T300: In Front of  Radiator  (Passenger Side)
Van: :  Inner Fender well, or Behind Battery (Driver’s Side)
Viper:  Inside Driver’s Door/ Jam