Paint Codes for Chrysler

Chrysler paint codes generally have 3 digits and contain both letters and numbers. Usually they start with the letter "P". "PNT" is short for Paint and should not be confused with your code itself. 

In this example, your code is PS2.

For a complete list of our Chrysler colors, please follow this link:  Chrysler Touch-Up Paint Colors

Please note: Chrysler uses the same color across many models, yet they may be named differently! Don't be confused by this - as long as your color code is correct it is the right paint.

Chrysler Specific Locations:

If your vehicle is 2007 or newer, look at the Driver side door or door jamb first.

300:  passenger side firewall or center firewall
300C: passenger side or middle firewall
300M:  passenger side or middle firewall, driver side door jamb
5th Avenue, Aspen and Cirrus: Please check all locations.  
Colt:  Firewall Passenger Side
Concorde:  In Front of Radiator,  passenger side firewall, Inner Fender wall
Crossfire: Right Frame Rail ( Engine Compartment)
Imperial: Radiator Support Bar
Le Baron: Please check all locations. 
LHS:  passenger side firewall
New Yorker:  Inner Fender well ( Passenger or Drivers Side )
Pacifica:  In Front Radiator
Prowler:  In Front of Radiator (Driver's Side )
PT Cruiser:  or Firewall ( Passenger Side or center) or driver side door jamb
Ram-50: location unknown, please check all locations. 
Sebring: Passenger side or center firewall, driver side firewall or driver side door jamb.
TC:   Firewall ( Driver's Side )
Town and Country: Radiator support or #2 front or radiator passenger side
Vista: Inner Fender well ( Driver’s  Side )
Voyager: location unknown, please check all locations.