Paint Codes for Chevrolet

The paint codes for all Chevy cars and trucks are located on the service parts identification sticker which varies depending on your year and model. We have provided a list of these locations below. Newer vehicles have a silver label - older vehicles have a white "paper" label as in our example below. Most GM paint codes begin with a "WA" on our site, while most cars and trucks show a "BC/CC    U". BC/CC stands for basecoat/clearcoat, and the U stands for upper or body color. 

A two toned GM vehicle will show both the upper (U) and lower (L) body color listed. 


In this example, "U" designates the only color on this vehicle (Upper/Body).  391E is what you're looking for.  Add a WA to the beginning of it and you're done.  "WA391E" is the code. 

For a complete list of our Chevrolet colors, please follow this link:  Chevrolet Touch-Up Paint Colors

Please note: GM uses the same color across many models, yet they may be named differently! Don't be confused by this - as long as your color code is correct it is the right paint. In the example above, it is Storm Gray Metallic on Chevrolet and Storm Gray Effect for Buick.

Chevrolet specific locations:
All Trucks:  glove box
Asto: Passenger Door Rear Face
Avalanche:  glove box
Aveo:  glove box
Beretta:  on spare tire cover
Blazer:   glove box
Camaro:  Rear of Middle Console,  driver side door jamb,  glove box,  middle console
Caprice:  under trunk lid
Cavalier:  Glove Box, spare tire cover
Celebrity Sedan:  spare tire cover
Chevette:  spare tire cover
Classic:  spare tire cover or  spare tire wheel well
Cobalt:  trunk floor Under carpet
Colorado:  glove box
Corsica:  spare tire cover
Corvette: Glove Box,   Rear of Middle Console, top of drive shaft tunnel, under rear storage compartment, under trunk lid, left compartment rear lid
El Camino:  glove box
Epica:  glove box
Equinox: glove box
Express: Rear Face of Right Door,  B pillar face,  under driver seat
HHR:  glove box
Impala   glove box, under trunk lid or driver’s door
Kodiak: Behind Driver Seat,  side wall of cab or lower corner of cab wall behind passenger seat
Lumina sedan:  Glove Box,  spare tire cover, or  trunk lid
Lumina Van: inside jack cover
Malibu:  Glove Box,  spare tire cover,  spare tire wheel well
Metro:  Glove Box,  spare tire cover
Monte Carlo:  Inside trunk Deck Lid or  spare tire cover
Nova:  spare tire cover
Optra:  glove box
Prism: Glove Box,  spare tire cover, or trunk lid
S10:  Glove Box
S10 blazer:  Glove Box
S10 pickup:  Glove Box
Silverado:  Glove Box
SSR:  Glove Box
Suburban:  Glove Box
Tahoe: Glove Box
Tracker:  Right Hand Sun Visor or glove box
Trailblazer:  Glove Box
Uplander:  glove box
Venture: Left Rear Storage Compartment Inside Door